Aluminum Thrusters

For about a year now, I've been pondering this - I've seen other gundam modelers using machined aluminum thrusters on their model kits, notably Peck over at Peck's World, and I've wondered where they got them. After searching, and asking questions, I've come to this conclusion - these aluminum thrusters must come from a magical fairy, who bestows them upon those lucky few. Well, screw her - I'm setting out to make my own. With the help of a machine shop, of course - since I don't have access to the machines necessary to cut these thrusters out of solid aluminum. So, I started by making a small size - what we've termed the 'G Size' thruster - and I designed several variations, got some feedback, and narrowed it down to what I believe is a rather slick aluminum thruster. I then went and requested quotes for these parts from various machine shops - and received a kick ass quote from this one place in Connecticut. So, I've gone ahead, and placed an order for 500 of each piece of the thruster - enough to make 125 sets of four thrusters - for the initial run. In the future, I will probably have more of this size made, along with many other various sizes, and option parts - and they will all be available in the soon to open MechaSkunk store. So stay tuned!


Update 01

Yes! It's finally happened - they are here! After months of searching, I went back to my local machine shop - Atomatic Manufacturing - and asked them what it would take to get these parts made at a reasonable price. John (the owner) gave me some feedback on my design, I made the alterations, and he agreed to make them for me. So, I've got the 'G-Size' thruster in stock now, and it's up for sale in the STORE - but is this it? That depends on you guys - I've got several other sizes and designs floating around in my head (see the pics below), that I'd love to get made. But, that requires that the G-Thrusters sell well enough that I make back my initial investment. If that happens, we're a go for the other sizes - so, go, buy a few sets - they make great stocking stuffers! (thanks go out to Michael Fichtenmayer for letting me use some of his pics)

Below are images of the upcoming thrusters. It's a nested design, where the thruster bells can be used independently, or along with other bells, to get a 'dual bell' effect. The smallest size uses the same baffle as the G-Thruster, but the two larger sizes use a larger sized baffle. There's also a short thruster - more dome and less bell shaped - that would be great for use on feet.

9mm OD, 7.5mm Tall
11mm OD, 9.5mm Tall
13mm OD, 12mm Tall
12mm OD, 5mm Tall