Here are just a few of the many projects I have going on now. I'll try to list the ones that I am actually putting some effort into, and not every random one that pops into my head!

Aluminum Thrusters - K Size

So you're probably wondering what the heck a K-Thruster is. Well, taking a cue from my G-Thruster (which was based on the RX-78 Gundam backpack thrusters), the K-Thrusters are based on the many various thrusters located all over the MS-18 Kampfer. Pretty clever, eh? More Info

Aluminum Thrusters  

Aluminum Thrusters - G Size

For about a year now, I've been pondering this - I've seen other gundam modelers using machined aluminum thrusters on their model kits, notably Peck over at Peck's World, and I've wondered where they got them. After searching, and asking questions, I've come to this conclusion - these aluminum thrusters must come from a magical fairy, who bestows them upon those lucky few... More Info

Aluminum Thrusters  

Yamato 1/48 VF-1A Valkyrie Head Lasers

The third release in my Yamato 1/48 Valkyrie hollow head laser lineup is for the VF-1A. The difference between this and previous releases - the 1S lasers are only useable on recast heads - there is no easy way to take apart the original 1S head, and the 1D head is only available as a resin part for the VF-1D conversion kit... More Info

Head Lasers  

Yamato 1/48 VF-1D Valkyrie Head Lasers

Next in my line of hollow head lasers for the Yamato 1/48 Valkyrie are made for the VF-1D. Yes, Yamato never released a VF-1D - but John Moscato from the MacrossWorld forums has made a conversion kit for the Yamato 1/48 Valkyrie, to convert it into the 1D... More Info

Head Lasers  

Yamato 1/48 Valkyrie Armored Gerwalk conversion kit

It's hard to believe, but this project was started over a year ago, as a commission by a certain MacrossWorld member (you know who you are). The Armored Gerwalk Valkyrie was a proposal to outfit a Gerwalk mode Valkyrie for ground combat/support. It was deemed too heavy... More Info

Armored Gerwalk  

Yamato 1/48 VF-1S Valkyrie Head Lasers

Alright, so I got rohby's wonderful recast 1S head about a week ago, and there was one small problem with it - the head lasers were warped badly. True, I could have put them under some warm water, and then bent them back to shape, but that's when I started to really take a look at them... More Info

Head Lasers  

Yamato 1/60 Valkyrie Heat Shield

This was a project I completed in a weekend - spurred by a challenge from someone from MacrossWorld, that a non-removeable heatshield would not be physically possible for the Yamato 1/60 Valkyrie. Apparently I proved them wrong. This page will be updated with pics at a later date.

Heat Shield  

Bandai/Takatoku 1/55 Valkyrie Hip/Feet Modifications

One of my first, if not my first Macross related project. I took what is lovingly called the 'Chunky Monkey', that basically has the poseability of a brick, and added some improved hip and foot articulation - in fact an all new, more accurate foot was sculpted and recast, and the hips are custom machined aluminum balls and custom cast urethane sockets. Sold quite a few of these back in the day - this page will be updated with pics at a later date.

Hips and Feet