Yamato 1/48 VF-1D Valkyrie Head Lasers

Next in my line of hollow head lasers for the Yamato 1/48 Valkyrie are made for the VF-1D. Yes, Yamato never released a VF-1D - but John Moscato from the MacrossWorld forums has made a conversion kit for the Yamato 1/48 Valkyrie, to convert it into the 1D. Now that the conversion kit has been released, I've been able to sculpt some hollow head lasers for it - and I mean sculpt. True, I could have used the 1S hollow head lasers, and spliced them onto the 1D earpieces - but there were some problems with them that I wanted to take care of, and so I did (I'm anal - yes, I know). Now I know what you're going to say - Rob, I'm looking at those pictures, and they aren't hollow (well, it's not easy to see it, but take my word for it ;) )! Yes, they aren't hollow - these are pics of the masters, that molds will be made from. Once I make the molds, I will be able to make a cast with the hollow brass tubes, to produce the hollow head lasers. Onto the pics!