Aluminum Thrusters - K Size

So you're probably wondering what the heck a K-Thruster is. Well, taking a cue from my G-Thruster (which was based on the RX-78 Gundam backpack thrusters), the K-Thrusters are based on the many various thrusters located all over the MS-18 Kampfer. Pretty clever, eh? Below you can see the computer images of the thrusters - several sizes which can be used on their own, or in a nested configuration. This gives the modeler many more options - want a custom look, mix and match these bad boys. Want something less expensive - just match a thruster with a baffle, and there you go!

9mm OD, 7.5mm Tall
11mm OD, 9.5mm Tall
13mm OD, 12mm Tall
12mm OD, 5mm Tall


Those computer images are good, but nothing beats the real thing - so here they are! I finally got the package this week, and unwrapped it eagerly to see what it contained - and it had a bunch of aluminum goodness! First and foremost, you'll notice that these guys have little to no oxidation or discoloration, when compared to the first run of G-Thrusters. This machine shop really knows their stuff, and takes pride in their work - they went and remachined half of the thrusters they had made, because they were discolored and didn't meet their expectations! Great customer service - will be using them in the future for more! Along with these new thrusters, I've gotten another order of the G-Thrusters too. The best part of this new machine shop - they were cheaper than the last machine shop, so I'm going to be able to reduce my pricing on the thrusters - pass the savings on to you! Look at me, I'm babbling - check out the pics!