Well, count yourself lucky if you put an order in for the feedbelt in the past 5 day - I made a snafu, and was selling too long of a piece, at too low of a price! Unfortunately I've had to rework the pricing and length for future orders - but existing orders will be left as is. Think of this as a present to you :-P


Alright, the main store page is back up, and the final sale pricing has been determined! Act fast, while quantities last - oh, and if I may make a suggestion, look in the Cable/Hose section - there's a new item there which I'm sure you'll be interested in!


Two quick things - I have pulled the main page of the store, so I can catch up with current orders, but it will be back shortly (hopefully this weekend). More importantly - I experienced a hard drive crash, that ultimately resulted in two months worth of lost emails. So, if you and I were having email discussions during the months of November and/or December, and I haven't replied to you in a while, it's because I've lost your email address - so send me an email so we can start talking again!



Just a quick note - trying to get all currently placed orders shipped by Wednesday. If you place an order between now and the end of November, it will not ship till the first week of December (vacation - woo).


The end is the beginning is the end. I am having a liquidation sale, to, well, liquidate stock. The MechaSkunk is closing December 31st, 2010, and I need to clear as much stock as possible between now and then. Please see the top of the main Store page for more details.


Yes, the store is still around - and surprisingly enough, I am too - though, for the next week I won't be - going on vacation and won't be able to ship any orders till Wednesday of next week (03.03.10). Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause!


Yet another update! New items added - Large Pins and Vernier Joints (medium and large sizes) have been added to the Model-Up page, and Extemsion Parts (small) have been added to the Gunpla Temple page. And remember, I've created an Announcement List, that you can sign up for at the top of my Contact Page, that will keep everyone's email addresses private and keep you informed with respect to MechaSkunk updates. Enjoy!


In a little under 24 hours, I've decided to change how I'm doing updates via email. I originally thought to make a mailing list, but that doesn't keep everyone's email anonymous - so I've created an Announcement List, that you can sign up for at the top of my Contact Page, that will keep everyone's email addresses private. Enjoy!


Not a huge update (for now) - lots of items are back in stock (K-Thruster Smalls, Model Up SP Eyes, and Gunpla Temple Extension parts), but a slightly more interesting update - I'm putting together a mailing list for these updates! Send me a message using my Contact Page with 'Mailing List' as the subject, and I'll add your address to the list!


I guess New Years resolutions were meant to be broken - only the third update posted on the main page, but I've been updating the store almost weekly - I promise! New items added - officially licensed Ma.K. decals, located under the newly formed Ma.K. section HERE. And, another update, and more inventory I'm trying to move! This time it's the injection molded Gunpla Temple Twin Circle/ Twin Squares, available for 50% off - check out the savings in the Gunpla Temple section! Last but not least, I've also finally added the Gunpla Temple replacement Chisel Blades, which can be found in the tools section.


Another exciting update! I just received a shipment of these newly made Straight Tube Beads these are much better than the plain old ones - check them out! Also, I'm trying to move some inventory, so my loss is your gain - check out the savings in the Resin Kit section!


A New Year, and that means a new commitment to updating the news section on the main page! The big news for the New Year is the fact that PayPal has finally updated it's shopping cart software, allowing me to set up international shipping options! Read all the gory details here. Several other store related updates:


It has been a while, hasn't it! Yes, the store is still alive and kicking - and the big news is that all my aluminum thrusters are back in stock! Well, ok, I have had to take down the T-Flat thrusters, but that is because I have an exciting update that will be posted in the next week or so. Everyone will love it - stay tuned!


Late Night Updates:


Wow, three months since my last update! Been real busy filling orders, and updating certain aspects of my store - enough talk, here's the updates!


Lots of updates for today:


More items finally added - Almighty Doll Supporters (can be used for displaying models other than 1/6th figures), and finally put the Hobby Base Acrylic Ball Joints up in the store. And, good news - the new shipment of K-Thrusters should be arriving by the end of next week!


First update of the New Year - and I've got great news - finally, the K-Thrusters are available for purchase! I'm also very excited about other items that are going to be available in the very near future, so stay tuned - and check the thrusters out!


Added some new bases from Bandai and Ashita to the store - very excited about these products! Also, I will be adding Yellow Submarine Ball Joints, Almighty Doll Supporters (great for 1/100 model kit stands) and steel springs to the store in hopefully the next week. Check it out!


Added the wire mesh sheets to the modeling materials section of the store - three sizes - coarse, medium, and fine. Also, just a heads up - getting married in a little under 2 weeks - so if you place an order after Wednesday of next week, it won't be shipped till after I get back from the honeymoon! Check it out!


Restocked the 3.5mm mesh chain, and will hopefully have some chain links and brass mesh available soon! Check it out!


Another update, in such a short period of time?!? The world must be coming to an end! Well, maybe not, and things sure are looking good from where I'm sitting - alot of you already know that StarShip Modeler is an official distributor of MechaSkunk detail parts. Well, now you blokes across the pond have no more reason to complain. Gundam Mad is now the official distributor of MechaSkunk detail parts for the UK and Europe - definitely will help out with the shipping costs from the US to Europe. Gundam Mad just received their order, so they should be available shortly - stay tuned!


Several items added to the store - decals, polystyrene balls, and acrylic rods. Check it out!


Big Update - lots of new items added to the store, including screws, balls, and drill bits for installing these option parts. Enjoy!


Whole lot of updates, since I haven't done squat in a while for the site. Added a Tutorial outlining how I use the braided sleeve and mesh chains in my models. In store news, I've added a new Mesh Chain to the random chain section, and the big news - the Aluminum Thrusters have finally arrived! Check out the Custom Machined Parts section to order!


Big news! I've just opened the Mecha Skunk Store! Check it out for all your detailing needs - and be sure to keep an eye out, I've got lots more to add in the coming weeks!


Guess I should have put this up a while ago - these have been in the works for the last month, so, go, check it out - Aluminum Thrusters!


First update of the new year - but just a quick one. I finally updated my contact info, and figured out how to use form mails - so now if you want to get in touch with me, fill out the form, and click send!


Wow, second update for the week - I actually had the 1/48 VF-1A Hollow Head Lasers done for a little while - but this was the first opportunity I had to cast a hollow one, and take pictures - enjoy!


Oh, another update - woo! Here's the current progress on the 1/48 VF-1D Hollow Head Lasers. I hope to have the molds done sometime this weekend, and start making these guys in the very near future. And keep an eye out - I should have an update with regards to head lasers for another valkyrie soon!


Jeez, kinda dusty around here. There will be some updates in the future, but for now, here's a little tool I put together in under an hour.


Wow, I've got to dust the cobwebs off in this place. Haven't been around much, or done anything remotely associated to modeling, because moving into the new house has been a bitch! Haven't had any time to set up my new workshop, but hopefully that will change in the next week or two. One other thing - a friend asked me to put this up - I know there's only a week left, but I guess late is better than never.


Well, it couldn't last - could it. Moving and a back problem have slowed the project, and I don't think I'll be ready for the Con anymore. Oh well - at least I can give you guys this update.


Three updates in less than a month? What's going on here?!?! Some more progress shots on the arm armor for the Armored Gerwalk project - check out the project page for further info!


Well, the fun had to end sometime - this past Thursday, I received a letter from the lawyers for Lockheed Martin, requesting that I stop using the trademarked term 'SkunkWorks' in my domain name. So, I am complying, and here is the new domain - a little shorter in length, but same great content. Now, back to our regularly scheduled program!


Wow, is this a new trend I'm creating - updating once a month? Nah, too scary! Anyway, got some updates on the Armored Gerwalk project - check out the project page for further info. Oh, and one other thing - updates may be few and far between in the next few months - I'm making an offer on a house tomorrow, and if it's accepted, it's going to take a little bit of time to uproot myself, settle, and get back in the swing of things. Wish me luck!


A new year, and the first update (yeah, well, a month late - better late than never). Fixed some issues with the site, got a new domain and webspace ($10 for the entire year - woo!), and finally got some pics of a custom valkyrie using my head lasers - yay! Check out the update here.


Well, what's new? Everything, being that it's a new website! Check out the sections, and come back frequently for more site updates, including info on projects that I've just started, and will be starting in the near future!